I've found my furever family!


We're happy to tell you that Pirate has a new furever home.
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Pirate came to us in bad shape. He was found in Oakland after suffering a traumatic injury. We suspect that he could've been hit by a car or otherwise struck with a lot of force. When he was found, he was sitting with his siblings but upon being approached by humans, the siblings ran and Pirate stayed put. His finders brought him to the nearest emergency vet for immediate care. 

Pirate has a proptosed eye - meaning that his right eye has experienced blunt force and actually has been dislodged from the socket. This eye is in need of surgical removal. Upon closer inspection and xrays, Pirate was also diagnosed with a femur and pelvic fracture. The best treatment for this leg injury is amputation. We suspect that Pirate has been suffering with these injuries for several days since he is able to walk clumsily on the very broken leg. 

In addition to his obvious injuries, Pirate came infested with fleas and somewhat thin. Despite his difficult first couple of months, Pirate is the sweetest kitten. He purrs and kneads as soon as talked to or even looked at. While Pirate's medical requirements are extensive, his personality speaks volumes and we had to step in to help. Pirate will require a lot of our resources, but here at Starfish, we believe that it is our duty to help those that we can. Nothing makes us more satisfied than seeing a broken animal like Pirate go one to lead a happy life. 

Pirate is not expected to have any residual or lasting medical issues after his upcoming surgeries. He should be able to live a long and happy, healthy life with three legs and one eye. Hence the name, Pirate! 

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