I've found my furever family!


We're happy to tell you that Clipper has a new furever home.
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Clipper was rescued from a Central Valley shelter where he was brought in as a stray. We think that he likely hasn't had the best life up to this point. He has some old scars on his ears and body that appear to possibly be from old dog bite wounds. He came to us a bit too thin and afraid in the shelter. Clipper also came with a hernia which will require surgical repair. 

In his foster home, Clipper took a couple of days to adjust and decompress after spending over a week in the shelter. He gets along fine with other dogs in his foster home and doesn't seem to mind cats. So far, Clipper has not shown an interest in playing with others. He likes to be held, and loves a nice warm bed. He enjoys curling up underneath blankets and enjoys his food. He has been sleeping in a small room at night and does so quietly. He has only barked if He wants food or to use the bathroom. If left unattended without access to the outdoors, he will eliminate inside. However, if taken out when needed, Clipper will eliminate outside. He appears to be crate trained and will not use the bathroom in his crate. He seems to like having the comfort of a crate available to him. 

Clipper did growl at the shelter staff when he was there. After coming to rescue, he has growled at another, much larger dog at the vet and also at the vet himself when his hernia was being palpated. Clipper has already begun to bond with his first foster and once he realizes that you are not a scary person, he is a sweet boy. 

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