The Starfish Pet Project

The Starfish Pet Project is a small, foster-based, all species, animal rescue group located in the East Bay Area, California. We help animals in need by providing them with care and placing them into homes where they can lead a happy life.

Our animals come to us from a variety of situations. Every animal in our program has come to us in need, and many of them have been saved from facing euthanasia.

The Starfish Pet Project uses the combination of rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming to give every one of our Starfish Pets another chance at living a full and loved life.

Our Mission

“The Starfish Pet Project wishes that no animal endure the pain and suffering of a life of abandonment or neglect. As human stewards of this earth, the volunteers of TSPP work to support and preserve the precious life on this planet and strive to create a humane living environment for all animals. We believe that it is our duty to make a difference in the lives of each animal that comes to us and that every life, no matter how small, is deserving respect and human kindness."

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